Home Continental bed

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Continental bed in the top segment with excellent comfort. Two mattresses covers the full size of the bed without any splits and with 7 zone pocket that follows the shape of the body. The 8cm thick topper ensure the optimal comfort and a good night also at home.


Home Continental bed

Home continental bed is a contemporary bed with exclusive fabrics. The comfort is developed through long experience to reach the high demands from both Hotel and your home.

It has the continental design with double mattresses and a topper that ensure the comfort for everyone.

Both mattresses are full sized, which means that the sleeping area is the same through the hole surface. This gives an elegant design without any split in the middle of the bed.

It’s smart to sleep on the bed before you buy it!

Standard size:

150 X 200

Standard color:

Grå Hotel'n Home tekstil


Can be delivered in these sizes:

150 X 200 / 180 X 200

You can choose between these colors:

Grå Hotel'n Home tekstil